Emotional Intelligence

Success depends on more than just your knowledge, skills, or what we often call 'intelligence'. In both personal and professional life, emotional intelligence (your ability to connect appropriately with other people and the world around you) is crucial to sustained success.

The term “emotional intelligence” draws on two simple concepts. To be “intelligent” or what is termed “applying knowledge appropriately” and to be “emotionally astute” or “tuned in”, or what is termed “applying feelings appropriately”.

This profile will not help to determine an individual’s intelligence or their level of emotion. It will however help to determine how appropriately an individual applies both their knowledge and feelings to a given situation.

The Emotional Intelligence Style Instrument identifies the benefits of using each style and helps clarify the link between behavior and its consequences. It also gives practical suggestions on positive ways to use each style preference so that they can make progressive adjustments or “flex” their style when facing a variety of situations in the future.

Emotional intelligence is mostly about applying feelings appropriately across a range of situations and experiences. The good news is that our emotional intelligence can grow, as we learn to use different styles with more ease and versatility. The more flexibly we can shift our style to whichever of the four is most suitable in a given situation, the more "emotionally intelligent" we become.

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