Learning Styles

All learners are not equal. They come from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds, have many different experiences and use different methods of learning. Some will like to learn from text, while others will want visual support and images. Some will assimilate information individually while others will prefer to work in groups. In the end, the only thing that can be said with certainty is that every individual learns in his or her own particular way.

The Learning Styles Questionnaire has been developed after extensive research into how we prefer to learn. It aims to help every “learner” to understand their own learning style (and the teaching style of those who help others learn). The self scoring instrument uses 40 pairs of questions to help the respondent develop a personal learning styles profile using these dimensions.

  • Attending: Motivation to Learn
  • Translating: Making Information Meaningful
  • Relating: Linking Data to Existing Knowledge
  • Understanding: Using and Applying the Knowledge
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