Listening Skills

"Listen to others as you would have them listen to you."
-Tony Alessandra

Listening360 is based on a powerful but simple premise: each of us wants to be heard, really listened to, when we speak. Feeling that I've been really listened to makes a major difference in how I feel about my personal relationships, my relationships with colleagues and my relationships with people who want to influence me with their ideas or sell me something.

"Active listening" is a dynamic process of being actively engaged in the communication process at an entirely new level. As an active listener, you get a better sense of what the speaker intends. You also gain that person's attention, and then he or she is more disposed toward listening to what you have to say. Active listening means hearing the words, understanding the content, intent, point of view and feelings on the subject. It's also an intellectual and emotional process. Physiological changes actually take place - slightly elevated blood pressure and pulse levels, for example. Now, that’s listening!

The power of listening comes from knowing that as a good listener, you dramatically improve your capabilities as a partner in a relationship, as a parent, a salesperson, a customer service representative, a person who gives instructions, a doctor, nurse, minister, counselor, group leader - you name it. Any time the success of your role depends on good communication with another person, your ability to listen is key.

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