Sales Effectiveness

In an increasingly competitive world, an effective salesperson (no matter what they may be trying to sell) needs a wide variety of skills and competencies in order to be successful. Not only is this list of competencies a long one, but the skills needed are likely to vary in the four major phrases of the sales cycle – prospecting, negotiating the sale, closing and providing follow up service.

The Sales Effectiveness Profile helps to measure an individual’s effectiveness in seven areas.

  • Temperament/disposition
  • Organizational skills
  • Active listening skills
  • Communication skills
  • Relationship nurturing ability
  • Exceeding customer expectations skills
  • Drive and persistence skills

These include appreciating customer needs and expectations, problem solving, handling objections or complaints communicating and simply being well-organized. No matter how successful you currently are as a salesperson, your level of sales effectiveness can always be challenged.