Selling Skills

How Ready is Your Sales Team (compared to competitors) for the Emerging Sales Opportunities in today's economy?

In each of the eight primary sales competencies, this assessment identifies which are your strengths and which may be holding you back.

The Eight Competencies of Relationship Selling are:

  • Prepare to Sell: Build and Sustain Sales Readiness.
  • Target the Right Prospects: Identify Who, How and When To Make Contact.
  • Connect with the Person: Establish Truthful Communication, Build Trust.
  • Assess the Needs: Understand The Needs Of The Person And Their Situation.
  • Solve the Main Problem: Cause The Person To Experience The Value You Bring.
  • Commit to the Sale : Confirm That A Purchase Has Been Made.
  • Assure Satisfaction: See That The Customer Remains Satisfied With Their Decision.
  • Manage Your Sales Potential: Lead, Motivate and Grow Yourself.

This totally automated online sales skills assessment includes:

  • a 36-page Personalized Report showing you exactly what to work on to increase sales.
  • a full year of Email Sales Briefings for continuous online e-learning
  • the entire Relationship Selling PDF e-book
  • Unlimited observer assessments from your clients, colleagues and managers so you can evaluate your sales performance through the eyes of others

This sales skills online assessment is an exceptional coaching tool and 360-assessment with training resources built into the package.

Price: $69.97 for single assessment.

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