Time Management 360

Why not take the first step to making significant improvements in mastering your time and improving your performance?

The ART of Time Management is a powerful self-improvement, totally automated online assessment program. Here is how you will benefit from ART.

The ART program will lead you through a 60-item survey that will help you Analyze your time management skills and habits on twelve different Time Management topics:

  • Objectives
  • Projects
  • Activities
  • Priorities
  • Crisis
  • Analysis
  • Paperwork
  • Interruptions
  • Meetings
  • Delegation
  • Team Time
  • Personal Time

After completing the survey, you will print out a Report that helps you understand the results of your Analysis. Your Report describes your current time habits and skills that are serving you well. You will also learn about opportunities to improve how you use your time and how to perform better.

After reading your Report, you will know which of the forty-three Tool modules contained in the ART of Time Management program you want and need to study. The Tool Modules help you discover the time and performance skills you need to reinforce and those needed to fulfill your time and performance improvement opportunities.

How can you lose? All of this is built into one assessment program.

The ART of Time Management does not load onto your hard drive. It is a totally automated, easy to use online assessment learning program. The ART of Time Management program computes your Analysis scores - creates your Report - provides you the forty-three Tool modules and all of the forms you need to improve your time management skills.

Add the ART of Time Management to your educational experiences.

Price: $24.95 for single assessment.

Please contact Info@AssessmentBusinessCenter.com for quantity pricing for this assessment.

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