True Colors

Would you like to gain an in-depth understanding of your primary color AND how your secondary color influences your ability to get along with others?

Would you like to find out how others see you?

Would you like to learn how to create win-win relationships with the people in YOUR life?

After completing the True Colors™ online assessment, you receive your in-depth 22-page True Colors™ Report describing your behavioral tendencies in your interactions with others including action plans on how you can get along better with all four colors.

What makes the True ColorsTM model different and unique?

  1. Hundreds of thousands of raving fans have learned about their True Colors™-through interactive card sorts, online assessments, engaging seminars, entertaining shows, or even paper and pencil assessments.

  2. The True Colors™ model has withstood the test of time--for over 30 years! Yet each year its popularity grows. Each year we spend time, energy, money and research improving and revising True Colors™, yet the basic concept has remained the same.

  3. It makes inherent sense. Everyone immediately understands and relates to colors. A majority of people think visually and after learning this model, it’s easy to quickly see a person’s colors without needing to remember names, formulas, or letters. Participants report that True Colors™ is the most user-friendly model they’ve ever experienced.

  4. It’s fun and entertaining. True Colors, Inc. offers highly enjoyable interactive seminars, entertaining stage shows, television productions, customized client videos and radio programs.

  5. True Colors™ appeals to all personality styles, where most models appeal to only one or two. Our on-line version accesses both the right and left brain by using several methods for discovery.

  6. True Colors™ On-line is the only model specifically designed to reveal aspects of your entire personality spectrum that is uniquely you, according to your assessment responses, not just a general description of your dominant style.

  7. Participants get to keep their genuine True Colors Character Cards to show to others. Within two minutes, just by looking at the cards and reading the short descriptions, a person can quickly discover their primary True Color™. The most common responses are, "That’s me!" and "That’s you!" "Now I get it!"

  8. People never feel "pigeon-holed" by this model because everyone possesses a Color Spectrum, from brightest to palest. This greatly enhances the ability to understand oneself and others

  9. True Colors™ is a purely positive assessment. It focuses on Strengths, Needs, Joys and Values. Instead of describing weaknesses of the styles, it gives practical suggestions for how to prevent “fading” and how to help someone who is "fading."

  10. True Colors is easy to remember and use in all aspects of your life! Because True Colors is so user-friendly it can be easily used with family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, the community and beyond! From teenagers to grandparents, school districts to International Organizations, from your own personal growth to helping others, True Colors is a universally embraced model that enhances relationships, communication and problem-solving to bring out the best in everyone.

To sum it all up, True ColorsTM presents a wide range of highly entertaining delivery methods. It’s unique, different, and adaptable to any setting, from school assemblies to executive boardrooms.

Price: $34.50 for single assessment.

Please contact for quantity pricing for this assessment.

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