To purchase individual assessments please go to On this page you can also view sample reports, learn more about each assessment and explore our bulk licensing options.

Bulk Assessment Purchasing

We offer many types of bulk purchase programs for in-house corporate trainers and independent trainers/coaches/consultants. All of our assessments have been developed and are supported by Dr. Tony Alessandra’s company: Assessment Business Center

Depending upon your annual usage and the types of assessments you need, we can provide you with many attractive options:
• A Private-Label Site complete with assessments containing your company name and logo
• An Associate Admin Account, so you can administer assessments for your students/clients (you may purchase assessments at wholesale rates)

Please click here to indicate your assessment needs and preferences. If you have immediate needs or questions, please call Dr. Tony Alessandra at 1-858-999-2119 or email:

Trainer’s Certification Program for The Platinum Rule® and DISC

In-house trainers and independent trainer/coaches alike have many reasons to become a certified instructor:

• Your training program is delivered online, self-paced at your convenience
• Upon graduation, you will receive deep discounts on assessments, workbooks, books, DVD’s and all related audio programs
• You will receive enough free online assessments to more than cover your tuition
• The Platinum Rule workshops you facilitate will make you a hero for your company or client

For details and pricing, please call Dr. Tony Alessandra at 1-858-999-2119 or email:

Also, we now offer DISC Certification. To learn more, please CLICK HERE.
Tell us of Your Assessment Needs

If you’re interested in getting personal assistance to learn about Bulk Assessments, Re-seller Opportunities and/or Private Label Site options, please click here and fill out a brief questionnaire.

We will send you relevant information as well as follow-up to answer your questions.

The questionnaire is linked to Dr. Tony Alessandra’s company (our assessment provider): www.AssessmentBusiness

Rest assured that you will still be getting your no-cost, obligation-free consultation directly with Scott Zimmerman here at Platinum Rule Group.

Thank you.

You may click here to access the form.

Why Take Online Assessments?

Can you even imagine giving your doctor permission to operate on you without first reviewing MRI images? Of course you wouldn’t!

Similarly, smart businesspeople leverage online assessments to make decisions about hiring, managing, promoting and leading others. You can think of assessments as “MRI tests” to reveal someone’s innermost values, personality tendencies, skill sets, etc…

Online assessments provide an invaluable tool to enhance the intellectual capital within your company; whether it’s leveraging your investment into existing human resources or increasing probabilities for success in new investments in human resources. Assessments can measure a variety of criteria: intellectual ability, achievement motivation, skill proficiency, work styles, personality characteristics, and personal values. Assessments are used to help determine training needs, career counseling and personal development.

Assessments are a first step towards personal awareness. We provide assessments that give individuals an opportunity to gain new insights about themselves, with the goals of self improvement, personality enrichment and enhancement of their relationships with others.


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A good assessment is a tool designed to increase personal awareness of how individuals interact with others. Our assessments come with support materials and action plans to help individuals implement new strategies, skills and behaviors. Whether your individual career track is blue collar/vocational, front line customer service, face-to-face sales, technical/professional services, supervision/management or executive staff/boardroom, it’s important for an individual to have the skills to demonstrate those attitudes and behaviors that enable them to get along with others. To get along, they must better understand themselves and others to communicate with others effectively.

To purchase individual assessments please go to On this page you can also view sample reports, learn more about each assessment and explore our bulk licensing options.

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