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The main request by all our corporate and associate clients has been to have a website address set up where they can direct users to the many features of this program. We now offer a customized option for our clients which includes custom design of a home page and monthly web hosting. The clients provide us with their design specs and desired domain name and we set up a home page where the client can customize what links they wish to place and what features they want to appear. 

  • Custom Option - Our design and programming team will create a home page based on supplied design specs. This page will include some copy explaining your account and the desired links to the specific areas of the project. For example links to take the assessment, login to accounts, etc. These links will pass on all necessary information.

     Price of this feature is $125 one time and $19.95 per month.

Once services are ordered you will be contacted by one of our design representatives to setup your hosting and design.  

If you are interested in this service please click on the link below to fill out an order form. Once we receive your order you will be contacted by one of your design representatives.
"The Platinum Rule® is a registered trademark of Dr. Tony Alessandra. Used with permission."

For information regarding Platinum Rule assessments, please contact us by calling: 1-206-400-6647 #1