We are singularly focused on a three-word outcome for our clients:

Predictable… Sales… Growth.

If you are a direct, confident, assertive person, the remainder of this web site is not for you. Simply pick up the phone and call us. If we fail to sell you on the idea of working with us, then it’s rather evident that we wouldn’t be able teach your people how to sell either. Call Scott: 1-330-848-0444 x2

However, if you are the type of person that requires evidence prior to engaging in a conversation, we have posted voluminous amounts of information about our training/consulting experience, clients we’ve served, books we’ve written and technology that we have either created or utilize. Please contact us whenever you’re convinced that we can help you.

What we do: We help our clients systematize every aspect of their customer profiling, prospect targeting, and customer conversion and retention processes. We leverage cutting-edge technology to eliminate human error, automate critical communication touchpoints, and create skill-based training systems that shorten sales rep learning curves while dramatically increasing sales rep and customer retention.

Everything we do is based upon decades of research and real-world sales experience since the mid 1960’s.

During this time, we have written nearly 20 books on behavioral/personality typing, the sales process, adaptability, customer service, sales management, small business growth and persuasion.

We have worked for small companies, medium-sized organizations and Fortune 500 firms.

We have helped more than one million salespeople through our books, audio and video programs, speeches, workshops, consulting and technologies.

We take great pride in our continual thirst for new knowledge; constantly staying abreast of cutting-edge technologies and methodologies. We purposely seek to work with forward-thinking clients; we sharpen each other through our exchange of ideas and collective experiences.

Common sales growth challenges and brief descriptions of our solutions:

1. Turnover in sales staff results in lost contacts, damaged relationships and a decline is revenue for the territory. Cyrano CRM Marketing System completely buffers any hiccups between your company and every customer or prospect that your departing rep has contacted. Scott explains the thought process in this 90-second video:

2. Field salespeople usually follow-up on new leads no more than two or three times. Because salespeople are not compensated to faithfully follow-up on every lead, even those that take years to convert it into a qualified selling opportunity. This is a huge mistake; salespeople are notoriously poor with details and routine. Leverage technology to automate long-term lead development.

3. Your sales and customer service personnel do not know how to practice adaptability when dealing with customers. Did you know that prospects have one of four distinct “buying styles” and that your salespeople—by failing to adapt—are unknowingly creating tension with 75% of the people they meet? When you call, we’ll show you how to identify the four buying styles in less than 5 minutes… for free.

4. A majority of qualified prospects aren’t actively seeking the types of solutions you provide when they first meet you (or they’re unwilling to switch from a competitor), so you must have an automated system to build trust and credibility over time, even if your salespeople give up or forget to follow up. Are you relying upon people or systems to develop long-term prospects? Your revenue growth should be based on stable technology. Salespeople are internally motivated to pick low-hanging fruit and are too busy to nurture relationships with long sales-cycle prospects. When you call, we’ll show you a system that rewards salespeople by executing perfect follow-up that runs forever; requiring less than 3 minutes of their time!

5. Busy salespeople fail to stay in meaningful contact with one-time buyers. Does every single one of your customers know about every relevant product or service they should be buying from you… and why they should buy them? What would it mean to your business if every customer were buying every possible product or service they need from your company? We can automate every aspect of your cross-selling marketing activities, even if busy salespeople forget.

6. Salespeople typically sell the way they would be comfortable buying; they do not know how to lead prospects through each phase of the buying/selling process differently based on each person’s behavioral style. We can train your salespeople how to identify and adapt to Directors, Relaters, Thinkers and Socializers. Then, we show them how to adjust their pace and focus while Connecting, Exploring, Collaborating, Clarifying Commitments, Assuring Satisfaction and Following Through with every prospect. By making it comfortable for each prospect to make positive buying decisions, closing ratios dramatically improve.

7. No formalized process exists for converting repeat customers into loyal Apostles (who are raving fans and preach the gospel of your products and company). Our Cyrano Marketing System (patents pending) will make every customer feel as though they are the only person your salesperson services. You’ll build warm relationships with your Open customers and credibility with your Guarded customers. Both ways, you deepen loyalty, increase repeat sales and grow referrals.

8. Salespeople don’t know when and how to ask for referrals. If they ask a Relater too soon, they can damage the relationship. If they don’t show a Thinker the logic of the referral process, they might never gain access to their database. If they fail to ask a Socializer while they are buying, they likely will miss out on a flood of referrals. The secret for getting referrals from Directors? We’ll tell you when you call!

9. Traditional sales training doesn’t produce lasting improvements. We work to help our clients implement sales and product knowledge training systems that shorten learning curves while dramatically increasing long-term retention. Additionally, we augment our on-site consulting/training with long-term email follow-ups leveraging our own Cyrano System. Please ask us to send you information about Cyrano when you call.

10. You don’t know how to interview, hire, manage and motivate salespeople—differently—based on their natural behavioral styles. When you learn The Platinum Rule® you’ll learn how to interview, hire, manage and motivate every salesperson differently based on their behavioral style. This will also improve how you counsel, correct and delegate. Poor sales performance is the responsibility of the manager, not the salesperson. When you call, we can discuss different tools that are available to you to increase the performance you are getting from the people you have already hired.

In summary, if you want to partner with people who are passionate about helping you enjoy predictable sales growth, we should talk.

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