Independent Trainers

Looking for a quick, effective workshop that delivers immediate value, positions you as an expert and often leads to additional training and consulting engagements?

You just found it!

Independent trainers and consultants have many reasons to become Platinum Rule® Certified. We have built this program with your success in mind!

Upon graduation, you will have access to online assessments, audio and video programs, customized PowerPoint presentations; effective tools for helping your clients understand behavioral styles and master the art of adaptability. Today, we are making these proven tools available to you… making you look like a hero in your client’s eyes.

You’ll find The Platinum Rule workshops easy to sell because the benefits for your clients are many: Reduction in interpersonal tension, an increase in morale and better relationships at work and at home. Additionally, you may find that teaching your clients the art of adaptability often leads to more engagements in the areas of leadership, teambuilding, sales and/or customer service.

Upon completion of the Platinum Rule Certification Program, you will receive enough free assessments (for you to re-sell to your clients) to more than pay for your tuition! We tie our success to your success! The more programs you deliver, the more assessments you sell and the more revenue we get – a true win/win.

For your convenience, your learning is self-paced via the internet. You will be required, however, to join several scheduled conference calls where you will be asked questions to ensure that you are mastering the content and can teach it to others.

Below is a list of the Platinum Rule Certification Program. Should you have questions, or wish to check on the next enrollment date (seating is limited to 15/class), please call Scott Zimmerman: 1-330-848-0444 x2 or email: Scott(at)

What We Provide Our Trainers
Trainer’s Obligations
  • 5-week Facilitated Learning/Training Program (self-paced via internet and telephone)
  • 33 Free Platinum Rule Online Student Assessments in Trainer’s Associate Admin Site ($1,650 value), each of which includes assessment, customized report, e-workbook and NEW Relationship Strategies 5 1/2 Hour MP3 audio program
  • New Platinum Rule Trainer’s DVD ($895 retail)
    Updated Leader’s Guide for both half-day and full-day workshops
  • Customizable PowerPoint Presentation with audio & video files to embed within PP Slides
  • 60% Discount on all Platinum Rule Electronic & Physical Products at
  • 50% discount on Cyrano CRM Set-up and Monthly User Fee to help trainer grow sales
  • Permission to use Platinum Rule logo/trademark on web site, emails and promotional materials
  • Telephone assistance to help you close business
  • One-time online Platinum Rule certification registration fee
  • Demonstrate mastery of content during facilitated group calls
  • 20% royalty due on Platinum Rule-based workshops where Student Kits/online assessments are not purchased
  • 10% royalty on Platinum Rule-based workshops where Student Kits/online assessments are purchased
  • Display of Platinum Rule registered trademark - Platinum Rule® - in all communications, documents, slides, etc. with a notification stating - "The Platinum Rule® is a registered trademark of Dr. Tony Alessandra. Used with permission."
  • A non-compete agreement to NOT use The Platinum Rule trademark, materials, slides or any of its terminology for a period of five years if you choose to stop being a registered Platinum Rule Trainer and stop paying the above royalties to the Platinum Rule Group, LLC

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