Click here if you’re a professional service provider looking to grow your business through repeat business and referrals. We now offer a “relationship concierge” service that turns strangers into friends, friends into clients, and clients into Apostles.

The Cyrano Service requires no training or software, yet sends each contact helpful articles and/or thoughtful gifts (on your behalf!) during each key touch point for each relationship. All you need is a telephone and a desire to make everyone you meet feel important and we’ll make moments of magic happen for you.

Click here to learn how we help:

• Salespeople nurture every relationship without adding to your workload

• You leverage a closed-loop marketing system that produces 36% annual sales growth

• Support salespeople while simultaneously culling valuable marketing data

• Automate every touch point throughout the lifetime of each relationship (even if salespeople forget)

• Master an adaptive, consultative sales process

Click here to find products to help you with marketing, sales & service:

• Grow sales, retain more clients and increase referrals

• Developing a charismatic leadership style

• Mastering an adaptive sales process

• Meshing with all four behavioral styles

• Becoming interpersonal and intrapersonal smart

Click here to find online assessments that enhance your company’s intellectual capital. Assessments are used to help determine training needs, career counseling and personal development. Click here to learn more about assessments for:

• Sales
• Customer Service
• Leadership
• Communication
• DISC & Values
• Hartman HVP
• Personality/Behavioral Styles


After investing more than a decade building an incredibly powerful CRM/Communications system, we recently unveiled our coolest trick of all… we made it disappear!

Learn how our new “relationship concierge” call-in service eliminates all the headaches associated with buying, learning and using any type of CRM system.

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Speeches & Workshops

Click here to learn why thousands of companies, organizations and associations have booked Dr. Tony Alessandra and Scott Zimmerman to deliver customized speeches and develop impactful workshops.

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Trainer Certification

In-house trainers and independent trainer/coaches alike have many reasons to become a certified instructor.

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Clients Served

Click here to see a list of the clients we have served along with a few testimonials.

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Dr. Tony Alessandra just inducted into the Inaugural Class of the Sales Hall-of-Fame!

Based on his lifetime body of work and his recent innovations in communication technology, Tony has been honored by Top Sales World. Click here for details.

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Scott Zimmerman (Managing Partner of Platinum Rule Group), was recently voted “Top 50 Most Influential in Sales Lead Management” for 2010.

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