Using The Cyrano Service, you will land more (and better) clients while investing less time prospecting and selling.

For professional service providers and sales professionals seeking more repeat business and referrals, Cyrano Service offers a relationship concierge service that turns strangers into friends, friends into clients, and clients into Apostles.

Unlike contact management systems, the Cyrano Service requires no training or software, yet sends each contact helpful articles, heartfelt greeting cards and/or thoughtful gifts during each key touch point for each relationship. All you need is a telephone and a desire to make everyone you know feel important and we’ll make the moments of magic happen for you.

Defining question: How many profitable, A-level clients would you have today if—during the previous three years—you had been treating every prospect, client, colleague and referral partner as well as you had been treating your top client?

The Cyrano Service creates memorable moments of magic—on your behalf— that demonstrate to your clients, prospects and referral partners that you are thoughtful, considerate and helpful. We help you build a powerful personal brand while you’re busy networking and/or servicing your existing clients.
Most people freely admit they would likely have double—and sometimes triple—the amount of clients. We’ve helped them grow their book of business and we can help you, too.

If you are a professional service provider looking to build a large network of loyal clients and referral partners, we provide a turnkey service that makes it effortless to “wow” every client and “woo” every prospect… without adding a single item to your “to do” list!

For a quick overview, you may watch this 3-minute video.

Unlike CRM technology and contact management systems, our service requires no software, no training, no learning curve and is accessible 24/7 from any phone. Once you uncover someone’s business interest, simply call us and we’ll send them helpful, relevant articles, tips and ideas on your behalf that demonstrate your desire to help them.

Leveraging the Cyrano Service, you will—without question—build a reputation as being the most caring, thoughtful service provider within your profession. We make you the hero by emailing helpful articles that match personal preferences. We even design (in your handwriting) and mail customized greeting cards and thoughtful gifts on special occasions… and we do everything on your behalf! We also email you reminders (with notes) when it’s time for you to call and take the credit!

Is there any smarter, simpler way to grow your practice than through repeat business and referrals?
  • If you wish to learn about the benefits of effectively marketing your professional services,
    please watch this video.

  • If someone you like and trust recommended that you subscribe to our service, please contact us for details: E-mail or call Scott Zimmerman: 330-848-0444 x2

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Customized greeting card created and a gift shipped out in just 33 seconds!

Time has conclusively proven that a vast majority of rainmakers lack the discipline to faithfully utilize any contact management system that requires clicking and typing. Study of human nature also shows that most of us suffer from “The Gap of Good Intentions.” We all know we should be doing more to advance our relationships, but the “busy-ness of business” often gets in the way of acting on our thoughts. Scott shows how our “call-it-in” service enables you to turn your best ideas into pre-scheduled actions in less than 33 seconds.

Why the name “Cyrano”?

Our founder and President, Scott Zimmerman, explains the rationale for choosing the name “Cyrano” for this revolutionary relationship nurturing service.

The hidden costs of CRM systems.

Why would we spend ten years building technology and then recommend that people not use it? Scott explains why professional service providers should avoid learning and using any type of CRM/contact management system that requires learning, clicking and/or typing.

3 Ways to leverage Cyrano.

Cyrano was built to “wrap around” every conceivable sales and/or marketing environment. Depending upon the structure of your organization, we can run the system for you remotely or we can train someone on your staff to use the system to support your sales efforts. We are flexible in our arrangements with our clients; your success is our primary goal.

Do you need to make a change?

Scott gives you a simple litmus test to help you determine if your current contact management system and/or marketing methodology is actually helping (or hindering) your sales efforts.

Is Cyrano financially viable for you?

This video will give you a fast method to help you determine if any investment in a relationship nurturing system would create a positive return on your investments.

CRM... the wrong solution!

Scott explains why CRM systems are not viable solutions for professional service providers. We built a system/service that actually reduces your workload while advancing all your relationships.

Stop the insanity!

Scott teaches you the types of marketing to avoid as well as proven methods that will help you land more clients and earn more referrals.

Long live Dale Carnegie!

The small difference between creating “satisfied clients” or “raving fan referral monkeys on steroids”. Leverage the proven principles of How to Win Friends and Influence People by automating customized follow-ups that show your contacts how much you care about their success!

How to make networking fun and profitable!

Scott explains why having the Cyrano Service at your disposal will make your networking investments (both time and money) pay off handsomely for you.

There are two new ways to leverage Cyrano to your advantage!

Scott explains two different ways to use high-tech for high-touch relationships. The first is how to turn strangers into friends and the second converts clients into Apostles!

A special offer for small business owners in Northeast Ohio

If you are self-employed and looking for ways to grow sales, you must take up Scott on this unique offer.

About Us:

The Cyrano Service represents the culmination of more than 55 years of careful study of human nature. Dr. Tony Alessandra and Scott Zimmerman combined their collective research and technologies in 2005. Since that time, they have worked to solve the most common challenges professional service providers face building a solid client base.

Scott and Tony have carefully assembled a team of proven all-stars to provide an incredible marketing support service to help you succeed:

Scott Zimmerman
Scott is the creator of the Cyrano Communications System that automates all fulfillment functions. Additionally, he is an avid student of one-to-one marketing, branding, positioning, persuasion and influence. Because of Scott’s vision, you will be able to nurture hundreds of relationships effortlessly.

Dr. Tony Alessandra
Tony brings an incredible knowledge of human behavior to the team. He has authored more than 20 books: The Platinum Rule, People Smart and Charisma all teach proven methodologies for improving interpersonal communications. His audio program, Relationship Strategies, is one of Nightingale-Conant’s all-time best sellers. Because of Tony’s research and products, you will learn how to treat every person the way he or she wants to be treated; doing so will convert your clients into Apostles that preach the gospel of… you!

Carl Rakich
Carl is a Certified Platinum Rule Trainer and a successful (retired) businessman. Carl is dedicated to helping load Cyrano with incredible articles, customized greeting cards and creative content; all designed to make you look like the hero! Because of Carl’s contributions, you will have a robust, ever-evolving cache of custom marketing messages that will “Wow!” every one of your clients and help you woo every prospect.

Glenn Griffiths
Glenn has been the lead graphic designer for The Cyrano Group since 1997. Glenn has a true talent for creating beautiful, one-of-a-kind greeting cards that will clearly convey your warmth, sincerity and appreciation to your clients and referral partners alike. Because of Glenn’s gifts and creativity, your heartfelt touches will be saved and shared for years to come.

Brad Mishlove
Brad is a small business growth expert. Once the rest of our team helps you increase your revenues, Brad will be ready to help you maximize your profitability. Because of Brad’s insights and ideas, you will build a turnkey business that makes you money while you vacation.


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