Platinum Rule Group LLC does not currently collect personal identifying information except:

(a) to the extent that you provide information to use in a form (for example, when you request to receive information via e-mail or order services or products using forms on our web pages),

(b) to the extent that you provide information to us in an e-mail information, and

(c) to the extent that your web browser provides information - such as your IP address or the address you linked from - to our web server

(d) for those who voluntarily opt-in to our “One-to-One from A-to-Z” e-zine/database, we only use your contact information and personal preferences to email to you targeted emails/articles/tips that match said preferences. Your contact information never leaves our database.

Platinum Rule Group LLC will use your information only for that specific purpose for which you submitted the information, except that Platinum Rule Group LLC may use information it obtains from its site in an aggregated form to gauge the usefulness and popularity of its several web pages, or certain links to or from our site.

Use of Cookies:
Cookies are pieces of information that some web sites transfer to the computer that is visiting the web site, and are used for recordkeeping purposes at many web sites. Use of cookies makes Internet browsing easier by performing certain functions such as saving your passwords or personal preferences and using past history to recommend potential purchases that similar users have made. Many consider the use of cookies to be an industry standard. Platinum Rule Group LLC does not currently use cookies on its web site. However, it may decide to use them in the future. Platinum Rule Group LLC reserves the right to change this policy at any time by posting a new privacy policy at this location.

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