Flexibility eWorkbook - 25-page PDF eWorkbook

Do you respond to certain people, conditions, or events out of fear or anxiety? Are you unwilling to change your perspectives or positions in certain situations? Do you tend to face ambiguous situations negatively? If so, you may have predetermined views, conclusions, or patterns of behavior that are driving your actions - and impairing your flexibility. When you voluntarily refrain from participating in certain situations or interacting with certain people because of your lack of flexibility - therefore limiting your horizons - you decrease your chances of personal and professional success.

The Flexibility eWorkbook is an interactive tool for analyzing your personal attitudes toward yourself, others, and the situations you face. This workbook is a powerful tool that will help you dispel those attitudes that are holding you back from realizing your full potential.

Topics covered include:

  • Helping you increase your tolerance and respect for others, your confidence, and your positiveness - all of which enhance your flexibility
  • Helping you decrease your rigidity, discontent, and competitive drive - all of which hinder your flexibility

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