People Smart with Family and Friends - 240 pages


  • When you encounter difficult people - you know how to adapt to them.
  • Where you meet challenging situations - you have the skills transform them.
  • In times when you face the unknown - you remain fearless.
If you dream of all that and more... then People Smart with Family & Friends is the book you need.
People Smart with Family & Friends is a unique blend of scientific research on human behavior and my 34+ years of teaching people smarts - through The Platinum Rule®.
Once you've been exposed to these hands-on, proven and practical principles, you'll find that you will have access to uncommon wisdom allowing you to:
  • Become a more loved and effective parent
  • Gain effortless cooperation of even the most difficult people
  • Positively influence your children and spouse
  • Build quick rapport that creates life long relationships
  • Get along with all types of people from every walk of life
Curious about how People Smart with Family & Friends achieves all this?
Well, here's its secret formula...
Ever wondered why your natural behavior sometimes seems to alienate people? It is because that same behavior may not be natural for others. You know in your heart - you have the highest intentions. If you want to get along with your spouse, children, family and friends, it's essential to become aware of your natural tendencies - and their natural preferences!
Here is the key...
You must learn to determine and distinguish the four major behavioral styles. People Smart with Family & Friends shows you how do this, by helping you to learn about your own style first, then showing you quick and easy ways to identify the styles of others. Finally, you learn how to adjust your behavior so that you become versatile, adaptable and widely loved and respected.
It gets even better.
Learn to apply People Smart with Family & Friends and soon you unconsciously begin to draw out the best in everyone around you. You notice how easy it becomes for you to gain the trust and respect of even the most cynical people you meet.
People Smart with Family & Friends is very easy to read, and simple to adapt.
Here is what you get:
Part One "Understanding People Smarts" contains four powerful chapters that help you to identify and better deal with virtually everyone. The "The Platinum Rule®" chapter teaches you more about treating others the way they want to be treated, not the way you want to be treated -without being phony or underhanded. The "I Know Who You Are, But What Am I?" chapter describes each behavioral style and help you determine which one you are. Next, you learn how to identify other people's natural styles. The "Adaptability" chapter includes both versatility and flexibility characteristics and helps you determine how adaptable you are in life's varying situations.
Part Two of People Smart with Family & Friends delves into "Personal Applications." In this three-chapter section, you go through the social scene and how to get along better with friends. Then we cover dealing with your family—your significant others and children. Finally, we focus on Romance! Romance! and how to handle dating and romance issues much more effectively.
This is a reader-friendly book. You can use and re-use it as a constant companion to consult when dealing with difficult people and stressful situations.
People Smart with Family & Friends gives you the tools to get what you want in various family and social situations and equips you with the power and knowledge to cash in on these insights through more positive and productive exchanges with others. You can realistically take charge of improving all your personal relationships and this book shows how.

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