The Platinum Rule® DVD

Dr. Tony Alessandra delivers a LIVE program in front of several hundred business people in Las Vegas. You get 60 dynamic minutes of The Platinum Rule®. Lucky for you and me, there were studio-quality cameras rolling that caught every word, every laugh, and every nugget-of-wisdom Tony had to share that day. Now you can laugh as you learn how to gain immediate rapport and get along with nearly anybody you meet, no matter who they are.
This one hour DVD is special – you can watch it all the way through from beginning to end or you can click on one of nearly 30 chapters to view particular segments of the DVD. This is especially handy if you’re using the DVD in team building or communications training sessions or with coaching clients.
That day, Dr. Tony Alessandra, author of 17 books translated into over 50 foreign language editions and veteran of over 2,000 paid speeches, taught several hundred people the easiest, most fun way to master people skills. Now he wants to teach you too.
Yes. There have been countless books and videos produced on this subject, but if you weren't in Las Vegas for Dr. Tony’s speech, you have not seen the best of the best. And it was magic.

"If you have ever had a personality conflict
with another human being - get this DVD."

After you watch this DVD, you'll understand why corporations like IBM, Ford, AT&T and numerous other Fortune 500 companies are willing to pay Tony thousands of dollars for 60 minutes of his time.
But don't be fooled. Even though Tony keeps you laughing, he doesn't forget to deliver powerful content. Apply the simple techniques Tony shares with you and you get immediate results.
Dr. Tony has spent 30+ years tweaking his findings into two simple questions. Know the answers to these two questions, along with some additional knowledge Tony shares with in this highly entertaining DVD, and you hold the key to one of the most powerful human relationship concepts in the world. Don't put off getting this DVD of Dr. Tony in action. You'll watch it again and again.

Price:   $90.00

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