The Platinum Rule® Training Student Kit

The Platinum Rule Training Student Kit includes:

  • The Self- Assessment and Observer-Assessments help you and/or your employees define their own styles. The Self-Assessment determines how a person believes he/she interacts with others. The Observer-Assessment provides a picture of how others perceive an individual's interactions. Used together, these instruments provide valuable information for personal growth. Participants can recognize differences between the way they think they are perceived and the way they are actually perceived by others. This evaluation provides tangible results for improving adaptability and enhancing relationships.

  • Use the Scoring Matrix with the Self-Assessment, the Observer Assessment, or both to get a visual representation of individuals' styles. The Scoring Matrix includes comprehensive descriptions of styles and substyles, plus advice for achieving balance.

  • The Platinum Rule Workbook focuses on application of the Platinum Rule principles. Participants learn how to use verbal, vocal and visual clues to identify another person's style and adapt their own behavior to make relationships more successful. This workbook is also a great self-study tool (Product ID: P00033 Category: Workbooks).

  • The 1 hour DVD on The Platinum Rule is a dynamic live speech given by Dr. Tony Alessandra. You’ll marvel at its mix of practical content and strong humor.

  • The Platinum Rule Reminder Card is an instant reference to the four Platinum Rule behavioral styles with guidelines to recognizing and dealing with each style.
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