The Platinum Rule® Video Training

The Platinum Rule Video Training

How to train your team to have instant rapport and immediate chemistry with your customers, suppliers and each other.

"Whether you're selling, negotiating, or dealing with problem customers,
knowing and applying The Platinum Rule will increase your success."

Your people will get interested right from the start. Unlike many training films done in studio with "talking-heads" – this was filmed in front of a "live" audience of hundreds of people. Dr. Tony Alessandra shares his simple, fun and easy to understand techniques on how to deal with other people much more effectively.

It’s fun. It’s easy. It works!

Yes. There have been countless books, and videos produced on this subject – but if you haven’t seen Dr. Tony, you have missed the best of the best. Tony’s "from-the-streets-of-New York City style" is anything but boring. It’s pure magic. But best of all, it’s filled with immediately usable and effective content.

"If your employees have ever had a personality conflict
with one of your customers – get this video training series."

After your people experience this training – you’ll understand why corporations like IBM, Ford, AT&T and numerous other Fortune 500 companies are willing to pay Tony thousands of dollars for only 60 minutes of his time.

This program is a comprehensive video-based training program that can be taught in either a half-day or full-day format. It includes a 48-minute video divided into several sections with lively lecturettes as well as entertaining vignettes by professional actors. It also includes a comprehensive 100+ page leader’s guide with easy step-by-step instructions for facilitating the entire training program. Plus, it includes 10 extensive participant kits, each of which includes an invaluable assessment-package consisting of one self-evaluation, five observer evaluations, and a scoring matrix; a 63-page workbook, a 40-minute audio summary of the course, and a laminated pocket-sized summary card for reinforced learning.

But don’t be fooled. Even though Tony keeps you laughing – he doesn’t forget to deliver high caliber "customer-satisfying" content. It’s simple. Apply the easy-to-understand and proven techniques Tony shares with you, and you get immediate results.

Price:  $997.00

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