The Platinum Rule® - 163-page PDF eBook

How to Get Along With Anybody and
Easily Make Friends

Many already consider The Platinum Rule one of the top five books on relationships of all time. Here, Dr. Tony Alessandra shares his discoveries and reveals easy to use strategies for getting along with anyone - anytime. Dr. Tony spent over thirty years researching how people want to be treated and why. He has taken a very complex subject and made it both easy to learn and easy to remember. Now you can use his findings to get along with anybody and get what you want.

Here is what some other experts on communication say...

"Dr. Tony Alessandra's work brilliantly provides effective insights for improving communication in any and all situations."
John Gray, Ph.D., Author, Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus

"This will help everyone in their daily interaction with other people by allowing a clear understanding of what style will work with each individual. Much helpful and empowering information."
Les Brown, CPAE, Author, Live Your Dreams

"A blueprint for getting everything you want."
Mark Victor Hansen, Co-author, Chicken Soup for the Soul Series

"[This] is the priceless key to unlocking the door to empowerment, productivity and all business and personal relationships. It is simply the most important leadership concept I have learned in all of my life!"
Denis Waitley, Author, Empires of the Mind and The Psychology of Winning

A few words from Dr. Tony himself:

Dear Friend,

"Now you can easily understand in a matter of hours what it took me thirty years to research, refine, and now reveal to you. You can learn the 4 basic personality styles. (Don't underestimate the power of this! Know precisely what others want. How they like to be treated. What they fear most. Their deepest desires and their darkest secrets.

You get true value...

All of this information would only hold entertainment value for you except I teach you some quick and easy ways to spot the dominant styles of the people you encounter day to day. Once armed with this information you'll be amazed at how easily you get along with complete strangers or even your most notorious enemy.

But it goes way beyond that.

Avoid conflicts. Win people over to your way of thinking. Soon, you won't even have to try. It will become as automatic as breathing. You won't even think you are doing it - but you will be.

Then you go to the next step...

Once you have mastered the 4 basic styles - come back to the book and I'll teach you how parts of these 4 styles really make up 16 total styles. (But don't get ahead of yourself. It is vital that you learn the basic 4 first. Then learning the rest of them is a snap.)

Why should you have to argue to watch your favorite show or hope for a promotion at work? If you are a manager or salesperson this book is a must. If you are a parent or a schoolteacher - don't wait another second for these powerful cutting-edge communication skills to be yours.

Many colleges and universities teach my concepts all around the world. The Platinum Rule has been translated into several languages including Chinese, Italian, Spanish, German, Dutch. It is quickly becoming an all time classic.

Bottom line...

The Platinum Rule book can help you make more money. Be a better parent. A better manager. A better friend. You will effortlessly get along with anyone you choose to...ANYONE. When your friends see the difference, please tell them about The Platinum Rule.

The results you see in your life will be all the reward you will ever need. You will feel the difference. If you don't have your own copy...this book is for you.

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