Where would your sales be today if EVERY SINGLE PROSPECT was nurtured into a sales-ready opportunity and every customer was educated about all of your products and services?

Where would your sales be today if EVERY ONE of your salespeople was ALWAYS in the right place at the right time—with the right “personal brand”—to compete for every single piece of business?

“The Platinum Rule®” teaches us to treat others as they wish to be treated. Dr. Tony Alessandra has written a series of books featuring The Platinum Rule. In 2005, he partnered with Scott Zimmerman (the creator of the Sales Elevator) to ensure that salespeople would have the support they needed to apply the Platinum Rule with hundreds and hundreds of contacts.

The Sales Elevator is a “done-for-you” SERVICE that immediately (and permanently) increases activity levels, maximizes territory coverage and improves the overall effectiveness of sales organizations.

With this revolutionary service, your salespeople will stay in meaningful contact with every single person they meet [even if they forget… (and they will!)].

Your reps will look like heroes because each contact will feel like the most important person in the world. They’ll receive personalized letters, Emails and customized product literature that matches their needs. Every touch arrives at exactly the right time within their buying cycle.

And, if necessary, we can also teach your reps exactly how to behave to ensure that every opportunity we create for them has the highest probability of resulting in a sale.

Oh, and our greatest trick of all?

We made CRM’s and contact management systems completely disappear!

Using their cell phone, reps are now able to call into a proprietary voicemail and dictate exactly what they want done for every prospect (or customer) immediately after every conversation. Nothing to remember, no trips back to the office, nothing added to their “to-do” list and nothing added to their workday.

No software, no computer, no typing, no headaches… just pure sales productivity!

Salespeople we train and support:

• Are able to execute long-term, personalized follow-ups after every sales call without ever having to learn, login to or use any type of CRM system

• Have every Lead Nurtured to Fruition (on their behalf) without investing any sales time doing so

• Experience an Increase in Qualified Sales Opportunities

• Effectively nurture all new leads into sales-ready opportunities

• See a Reduction in Wasteful Admin & Prospecting Activities

• Enjoy an Increase in Time for Selling Activities

• Receive Help Organizing Daily Activities

• Have Complex CRM-type Technology Replaced with a Smart Phone

• Can Eliminate the Use of Laptops, Computers and Software

• Master a consultative sales process

Sales Managers that partner with Sales Elevator:

• Leverage new technology to ensure your salespeople will spend a majority of their workweek in true sales functions

• Are able to gauge the effectiveness, effort & activities of each salesperson

• Still gain the benefits of CRM without your salespeople having to use one

• Seamlessly integrate true one-to-one marketing within the sales process

• Vastly reduce rep turnover

• Avoid costly sales drops when a rep leaves your organization

CEOs and CFOs appreciate Sales Elevator because, we:

• Dramatically increase sales effectiveness

• Help ensure every marketing dollar invested is likely to go directly to making a sale

• Give them control over marketing while still empowering salespeople

• Make it easy to determine who should be rewarded and who should be retrained or replaced

• Eliminate the need for additional Sales/Marketing personnel, but provide an edge in attracting/retaining top talent when necessary

• Provide accuracy in reporting/forecasting

• Ensure that very person involved in customer acquisition and retention will be happy and productive within the culture we will help you create


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