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The DISC, Social Styles, Platinum Rule video clips are what you need to communicate and win with others; understand what people REALLY want and what they fear most. With this discovery you understand how to spot each behavioral style. You start seeing your co-workers, family and friends in a whole new - more understanding - way. The response you get from them will astonish you.

Dr. Tony Alessandra on Verbal-Vocal-Visual Behaviors.

Dr. Tony Alessandra on Open vs. Guarded Behaviors.

Dr. Tony Alessandra on Direct vs. Indirect Behaviors.

Dr. Tony Alessandra introduces the Four DISC Styles.

Identifying the D Style (Driver, Director)

Identifying the I Style (Expressive, Socializer)

Identifying the S Style (Amiable, Relater)

Identifying the C Style (Analytical, Thinker)

Introduction to Adaptability

Adaptability with the D Style (Driver, Director)

D Style - Adaptability Tips

Adaptability with the I Style (Expressive, Socializer)

I Style - Adaptability Tips

Adaptability with the S Style (Amiable, Relater)

S Style - Adaptability Tips

Adaptability with the C Style (Analytical, Thinker)

C Style - Adaptability Tips

Dr. Tony Alessandra presents the vehicles for each DISC, Social Styles, Platinum Rule Style

Dr. Tony Alessandra Discusses How to Lead & Coach the Four DISC Styles

Dr. Tony Alessandra Discusses How to Manage the Four DISC Styles

The Platinum Rule
Dr. Tony Alessandra discusses how to get more out of life by treating people the way they want to be treated. Live large by understanding this principle.

Dr. Tony Alessandra talks about how some people talk before they think! Have you ever been in an awkward situation before?

Dr. Tony Alessandra tells a humorous story about how direct and indirect people react to standing in long lines. Isn't it interesting how people see a line and automatically stand in it?

Dr. Tony Alessandra discusses how people from different ethnic backgrounds and different parts of the USA get along after getting married. Why do some marriages last while others fail?

Dr. Tony Alessandra talks about his friend Dennis who is a VERY poor communicator. The words we say and how we say them have a very profound effect on our success.

Dr. Tony Alessandra introduces you to the Director, Thinker, Relater & Socialize behavioral styles. Why are behavior styles important? Understanding behavior styles can be life changing.

How do you adjust your behavior to connect with others? Learn how to build one to one relationships using adaptability. Change your style based on the person who you are dealing with.

How many channels of communication can break down at once?

How do people want to be treated? Why not ask them and find out?

Dr. Tony Alessandra telling his famous story about walking through a restaurant with his mother, Margaret.

What's Your Behavioral Style? Are You a Director, Thinker, Relater or Socializer?

Have you ever wondered why you hit it off with some people immediately, while with others it's like oil and water? That's because there are four primary behavioral styles, each with a very distinct and predictable pattern of observable behavior. Once you understand these patterns, you have the key to unlock your ability to get along with nearly anyone.

Adaptability skills that can have a tremendous impact in your life. Adaptability helps improve productivity, increase sales, promote better customer relations, maximize your strengths, and in general, help you to enjoy a fuller, more successful life.

Customer Service
Dr. Tony Alessandra explains how to turn a prospect into a first time customer; how to build a first time customer into a long-term customer; and how to convert a long-term customer into an apostle (raving fan).

Dr. Tony Alessandra discusses how to consistently exceed customer expectations by identifying, managing & monitoring each and every customer's expectations. Asking questions of your customers is one of the keys to understanding customer expectations.

In a simple, straightforward manner, this video introduces The Stairs of Customer Loyalty. This easy-to-learn technique will help you convert your prospects into sales, then into repeat customers, and finally, into "apostles"—a group of raving fans who will "preach your message" and "sing your praises" to the marketplace.

Dr. Tony Alessandra on How to Consistently Exceed Customer Expectations

Create a moment of magic for your customers instead of a moment of misery and you will maintain a competitive advantage. Companies that have the competitive advantage in their industry create consistant moments of magic for their customers.

Today in business we have to learn to mold our solutions to our customers needs. Consistently exceed our customers expectations.

You don't need more customers, you need to keep the good ones for life! Give your good customers results and they won't give you resistance.

Dr. Tony Alessandra briefly explains why our influence fails with people because we explain things from our perspective, not from their perspective.

Dr. Tony Alessandra describes the sales concept of Collaborative Selling. This video will help you understand the business of selling. It is not about what you want from the transaction that increases sales but rather what your customer wants.

Dr. Tony Alessandra describes the concept of categorizing your customers and cutting loose the money losing ones. If you want to grow your business, then this is a very important message for you.

Turn your customers into business apostles who "preach the gospel" according to your company. Dr. Alessandra focuses on how everyone in your organization can become more customer-driven and less operations-driven; how to turn moments of misery into moments of magic for your customers; and how to create customer intimacy, customer retention, and customer satisfaction, which leads to customer loyalty.

Dr. Tony Alessandra's Famous Story on the Wrong Way He Sold in the late 60's and early 70's

Dr. Tony Alessandra Explains How Any Product or Service Can Be Differentiated

Dr. Tony Alessandra - People do Things for Their Reasons, Not Yours

Dr. Tony Alessandra Tells His One-Level Home Story

Dr. Tony Alessandra on Uncovering Customer Problems and Opportunities

Dr. Tony Alessandra on Categorizing Customers - Are your customers ranked as A, B, C or some other categorization?

Dr. Tony Alessandra Tells His Famous Story about Buying a Home

Communication Skills
So much time can be saved learning from other peoples success. Both mentors and role models can play a huge part in learning what to do and not do in business and in life.

Dr. Tony Alessandra describes how the simple word "Oh" can be interpreted many different ways based on the way it's spoken.

Dr. Tony Alessandra on Grandparent-Grandchild Communication

Sales Mastery: Matching your selling style to the customer's buying style. Customize your sales approach with the 4 personality types.

Dr. Tony Alessandra Charisma Interview on Good Day New York

Dr. Tony Alessandra Platinum Rule Book on QVC with Kathy Levine

Dr. Tony Alessandra Interviews Mark Sanborn on Leadership

Dr. Tony Alessandra Interviews Phil Wexler on The Quest for Excellence

Dr. Tony Alessandra Interviews Chuck Reaves on Price Objections

Dr. Tony Alessandra Interviews Pete Johnson on Strategic Planning

Dr. Tony Alessandra Charisma Interview on Great Day America KPXB-TV

Dr. Tony Alessandra Interviews Thom Winninger on Price Wars

Dr. Tony Alessandra Credentials

A variety of video clips from Dr. Tony Alessandra Speeches

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