More than 70 years ago, Dale Carnegie’s 14-week course called “How to Win Friends and Influence People” became a best-selling book that remained a New York Times bestseller for ten full years. Amazingly, the book continues to sell well and his premise of taking an active interest in other people and helping them achieve their goals remains as relevant today as it did during the days of Industrialized America!

Dr. Tony Alessandra introducing The Platinum Rule®
Many of Carnegie’s philosophies are (rightfully so) based on an age-old axiom known as “The Golden Rule”, which states: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” or “Treat others as you wish to be treated.” While we totally agree with The Golden Rule (particularly as it applies to ethics, values, morals and integrity), we have found that, if followed to the letter of the law, treating others as you wish to be treated can often backfire in one-on-one, interpersonal communications.

The Platinum Rule is widely considered to be a more sensitive version of The Golden Rule. Simply stated, it tells us to “Treat others as they wish to be treated.” To do so, we must learn to view the world as others see it, to adapt our communication style to their behavioral style, to lead others in a way that motivates them to want to follow, to sell in a way that makes it comfortable for them to buy, and to embrace our differences while admiring the strengths in others.

Unlike many other “personality typing” models, The Platinum Rule is a simple, two-step process for getting an accurate read on the behavioral style of any other person. Our process can be learned and applied within hours! By measuring the degree of another person’s assertiveness and warmth, you will be able to determine how quickly they will make decisions, where to focus the conversation and what landmines to avoid in every interaction. By adapting to Directors, Socializers, Relaters and Thinkers, you will eliminate interpersonal tension and build meaningful relationships at work… and at home!

Since the original book called The Platinum Rule was published in 1996, Tony Alessandra and Scott Zimmerman have co-authored three more Platinum Rule books with specific applications to sales, small business mastery and trade show marketing. The sales and trade show books have made several best-seller lists and we have additional Platinum Rule books coming in the near future.

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